The trees are up! The stockings have been hung by the fireplace! And holiday shopping is at an all-time high! This can only mean one thing – It’s Christmas time! 

For that reason, we at Brand Experts wanted to give you 3 ways you and your company can inexpensively give out gifts to clients, employees or partners this Christmas:

Create an E-Christmas Card

A simple Christmas card can be inexpensive and still show that you are thinking of a person or company/organization this holiday season. A FREE way to create a Christmas card/greeting would be to use (free template) or  After you create your Christmas card/greeting, you are then able to send it through email to any recipient. 

Cost = FREE.99

Buy a Gift/Card for the Company as a Whole – NOT Individuals

So perhaps you have a few bucks stashed away for physical presents, but just not enough to gift each and every individual. If you want to show your appreciation to multiple people at your company or organization, consider a company gift.  This can include a physical Christmas card, a gift card that can be used to purchase company supplies, a fruit basket, etc.

Cost = Varies depending on gift purchased. 

Homemade Gifts 

Homemade gifts are the perfect balance between expressing gratitude and love, without breaking the bank. If you already have a business where you create your own product, consider manufacturing your least expensive product and giving them out as gifts.  Nonetheless, if you do not have a business, fret not; consider learning how to make something that is inexpensive – Pinterest has a lot of DIY projects. One idea could be to make coasters with pictures from your phone and/or internet – this is SUPER inexpensive and there are plenty of tutorials that can teach you how to do it in minutes. 

Cost = Varies depending on gift produced.

No matter what you decide, we hope you have a great holiday.  Do not hesitate to contact if you want to learn more about how to develop your brand.