It’s officially the start of 2020 and a brand new decade! So, that means it is time to strategize so that 2020 is the best year yet for your business.

Not the only method, but a good start would be to conduct a survey of your business based upon this past year, or what we would call a “Wellness Check-up.”

During your Wellness Check-up, you want to look at your business in smaller parts that make up the overall successes and setbacks for the year. Listed below are some ways in which you could potentially compartmentalize your business :

  1. Current Mission and Objectives:
    This is where you want to write what is currently the backbone of your business or organization. Your mission and objectives speak to the population you serve, how you serve, and the expected results from this service. Do a check-up if your current mission statement is still reflective of the way your business or organization operates. 
  2. General “Highs”:
    This where you want to write what went well this past year. This could be closing a big deal, noting good communication among team members, record sales, or anything that you feel was a definitive success. 
  3. General “Lows”:
    There are always up and downs in life and business. This is the area in which you will take the time to reflect on some setbacks, but also strategize on possible ways to combat those problems in the future if they should arise again.
  4. Analytics of Social Media Presence:
    This may seem minor, but your company’s or organization’s presence on social media can make or break credibility in this digital age. It is important to take stock of how your social media is performing, and if you have selected to correct platforms for your intended audience. 
  5. *BONUS* New Initiative 3-Step Action Plan:
    After conducting your check-up, you may come up with a possible initiative or solution you want to launch in 2020. You can use this time to breakdown your ideas into the 3 main steps to make it easier to digest. As you go from step to step, you can make a list of smaller tasks to complete in between that will lead you to the succeeding action in your process. 

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