In today’s ever-changing society more fathers are breaking the traditional gender roles by staying at home with their children while mothers take on the task of heading to work daily. With Father’s Day approaching, now is the time to think about branding the “Modern Dad”. Focusing on items that fathers in the 21st century would consider important for their day to day activities. Whether a father is taking care of the kids at home or venturing out to run errands, there are several things that could be more “Father Friendly”; items that they can take with them if they don’t want to run home every time the kids spill something. Most brand name diaper bags, strollers, and child-friendly items are made with a feminist perspective in mind. The modern fathers would be more comfortable if these carry-along items had a little more masculinity to them. Here are some items that made with the male figure in mind.

Portable baby beds for changing

Most men’s restrooms are not equipped with a changing bed, and family restrooms are not easy to find. Although some states are now making changing beds a requirement for men’s public restrooms, this trend hasn’t picked up yet. Wouldn’t it be great if fathers could travel with a changing bed that could be set up any and everywhere? Rather than finding a countertop or trying to manage that task in their laps, the traveling changing bed is the perfect solution. These beds are easy to set up and breakdown and they are so compact that they can be stored in diaper bags.  They come in various “masculine” colors.


Heading out with kids in a stroller can be quite a challenge for the modern father. Maneuvering in and out of stores, treading up and downs stairs on top of only having enough storage for the diaper bag can be a nightmare if the stroller is not built for it. Father friendly strollers are lightweight, budget-friendly, and have space for gym bags and other items that dads may want to tote with them. This allows fathers to carry all the items they may need for themselves and their little ones without looking like a “bag lady”.

Baby-carrying Dad shirts

Baby carriers can come in very handy for the hands-free father that likes to multitask. These carriers come on all shapes and sizes; some are very bulky yet some are as easy to wear as a shirt…..literally! The dad shirts are very trendy and stylish with a detachable piece that serves a baby carrier either on the front of the back of the shirt. It allows the modern father to move about easily while spending time with their little one. Without having to worry about it getting in the way or the neck ache that comes when it’s wrapped around your neck all day, the Dad shirts are flexible and sturdy. Most reviews state that it was surprisingly comfortable and convenient.

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