Dressing the camera can be very tricky. The view from the lens of a camera can be very different from the perspective of the human eye. Cameras can make specific images, and colors appear entirely wrong. In addition to making sure that your wardrobe is flattering, you also want to consider the purpose and theme of the shoot, what you are representing, and why you are sitting in front of the camera in the first place. The issue of dressing for the camera has become more prominent during this time as people are not just on the camera daily for work, but they are also interviewing, buying, and selling online. It has never been more important to make correct clothing choices even when you are sitting at home. Whether you are attending a meeting or presenting information to the masses, here are some tips on how to ensure that you have the right image on the camera.

Choose clothes that minimize distractions

When picking the right outfit, take a moment to think about who or what you are representing. If you are trying to make a good impression, you will want to make sure that you look your best on the camera. Certain patterns and colors can make the image coming through the camera appear blurry or distorted. You will want to avoid bold prints and patterns that may blend under lights. The same goes for specific colors; reds, whites, and blacks are colors that you should stay away from because they make it challenging to balance the camera. That way, people will focus more on what you are saying rather than what you are wearing.

What are your background colors?

When you are on camera, you don’t want to look like you are just blending into the background behind you. Find out beforehand the colors of your set, make sure that the colors you wear to compliment the backdrop instead of contradicting it. For example, if you will be shooting with a green screen behind you, it’s not a good idea to wear green that day. Wear a color that makes you stand out from the background. Consider solid colors and light, fitted fabrics that suit your frame on the camera. Bring an extra outfit just in case your set changes; that way, you can try your best to pop on the camera.

Keep it professional

While you want to make sure you look on the camera, large pieces of jewelry can interfere with the equipment and cause major distractions. The same goes for your make-up ladies, keep it subtle and natural; the last you need is to look like a circus clown once they start rolling film. Stay away from the glossy lips, multi-color eyeshadows, and clothing that could potentially reveal too much of you are not paying attention. If you are filming from home, remember to look professional from top to bottom. The recent trend of business on top and bedroom on the bottom can get you in trouble should you be asked to stand up for any reason.

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