Your brand may not have anything to do with policy and politics, but the upcoming 2020 election may impact your marketing plans. Election campaigns can completely set your marketing strategies for your brand off-course. With political aids clogging up the airways and social media sites, the money you spend in advertising during this season may be lost if it goes on-seen. Political candidates usually don’t have to worry about the cost of advertising the way your brand might, so they can afford to flood everyone’s timeline with their agenda. A consumer who may already be annoyed with all the political propaganda may scroll right past your skillfully placed, creative ad without a second look. Not to mention every other commercial on television and the tremendous amount of spam bombarding your email. Your brand and finances will be better protected if you plan ahead and be realistic about what challenges may arise as our country transitions. There are some strategic ways to market your brand during an election to remain visible.

Strategic Placement

During election time, major channels are being swamped with all sorts of political content, not leaving much room for your advertising to be recognized. When this happens, consider placing your ads on some of the less conventional channels. Not everyone wants to watch political banter 24/7, so they may be channel surfing more than before. Try spending your money advertising in alternative places, one that doesn’t have heavy political and controversial content. Getting your brand out there on different channels could be more cost-effective and possibly extend your clientele. While you’re trying something different, consider various radio stations and magazines as well.

Catch Their Attention

If you intend to keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds during election time, you may want to think about increasing your marketing budget to ensure that your ads maintain certain levels of visibility. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your email marketing messages. Create clear and concise messages so readers can quickly scan the content and decide if they want to keep reading. The last thing you want is to end up in the spam or trash folder. If you have the budget for it, you should also include paid marketing like Google, LinkedIn, or FaceBook ads. Paying a little more to get made your ads as visible as possible on these sites can prove to be very lucrative for your brand.

Plan For After the Election

One way to make good use of your time when politics is more prominent on the airways is to reevaluate your marketing strategies’ highs and lows and implement a revamped rollout once the election is over. Review the demographic you are trying to reach and make sure that you are reaching them. This could include a website overhaul, remaking a product that could increase your target audience, reviewing your services and pricing, or offering current client specials to increase customer retention. Once the election is over, you can roll out your new look and products, holding on to old clientele and making room for the new.

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