Brand management during a holiday can be tricky. With Thanksgiving and the days that follow being the busiest shopping days of the year, you want to make sure that your brand stays on the forefront of people’s minds and not get lost in the shuffle. While most companies focus on Christmas well before the Thanksgiving season has even begun, you could get a head start on the marketing game by taking the time to honor Thanksgiving first. Sometimes it’s the small things that count, and this is the time to create a strategic plan to keep your brand in clients’ minds before the year ends. If you’re looking for some great ways to honor the season that we are in, here are some ideas:

Thank Your People

Giving a word of thanks may seem like something small, but it can be a huge deal to many who may not expect it. Take the time this season to extend a heartfelt thank you to the current and prospective clients, employees, business partners, and vendors that work hard to make sure that your business runs smoothly on a day to day basis. A little appreciation helps to build stronger relationships with the people you work with, increase brand loyalty, and possibly bring in new clients once the season is over. It could be as simple as an email, either group or individual, letting people know that you are grateful for their contributions and seek to continue collaborating in the future.

Get Ahead of the Game

With the hustle-bustle of Black Friday shopping, it’s a great idea to make holiday shopping as easy as possible for those who invest in your brand. Consider offering your “Black Friday/Cyber Monday” deals a little early this year and get it out of the way. People have a lot going on right before and directly after Thanksgiving as the next holiday quickly rolls around. You could help your clients get their shopping done and offer early discounts for those who participate. This could include limited time offers, daily deals, and giveaways. Anything that can encourage people to get a jumpstart on the holiday season so they don’t feel rushed.

Showcase Your People

Clients and employees get positive vibes when the business or brands they associate with or work for encourages great work culture and ethic and show that they genuinely care for the people they deal with. Consider picking an employee or a client and putting a spotlight on their efforts to help others throughout the year. It could be the smallest thing, like a staff member who goes above and beyond for your clients or the one that told a funny story that people are still laughing about. Regardless of what it is, everyone likes to be recognized, and it becomes even more special when it is unexpected.

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