Words and images are powerful beyond measure. It’s important when coupling these artistic elements not to create any level of confusion in the thought pattern of the consumer. If Shakespeare was developing your website today, he probably would leave out the content below:

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose /
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Why? Because studies have shown that, in all probability, sticking that rose in a Nike sneaker or a Wendy’s hamburger wrapper would really make people perceive it as smelling that much sweeter. A brand is more than a name – it is the sum total of a consumer’s experiences with a recognizable product – and it is powerful. A strong, consistent brand, built up over time, is the best guarantee of future earnings.

Stay loyal to your brand by being consistent with your content, imagery and color palette. An easy way to have a strong, consistent brand is to develop a Brand Guideline to follow to help you maintain your brand with ease. As your brand evolves, you can easily share the guideline to help your team stay on the same page.

A brand is more than a name - it is the sum total of a consumer's experiences with a recognizable product - and it is powerful. Click To Tweet