Color has a psychological impact on your clients and plays a crucial role in their purchasing or participation decisions.  We are not buying into the antiquated emotional color theories. We believe the colors you select have a much larger impact.

We hold to the premise that an individual’s personal experiences dictate how they react to any given color. As a result, you should look closely at your target audience’s perception of your products and services and use the colors of the results you desire to evoke.  

The color you select for you branding conveys:

  • Brand personalityIs your company loud, masculine and modern, or subdued, feminine and classic? Every word, image, idea, opinion needs to be completely synced up with who you say you are, what you do and the mythology you are creating around your brand.
  • Applying the psychology of color: Link your brand’s personality to color traits. Humans have long connected colors with emotions (Are you green with envy? Do you feel blue? Is your outlook skewed by rose-tinted glasses?), but can color really change our mood?
  • Analyzing the competitionReview the colors your rivals use. Are they “industry standard” or should you break the mold?

When it comes to the business of color, don’t make assumptions. Connect with Brand Experts today at and gives us the opportunity to define the perfect color scheme for you and your target audience.  Connect with us today at and let us know how we can help!