How to Show Gratitude to Your Clients

We’ve talked about branding yourself and your brand identity to build your credibility, but another way to build a relationship with clients and partners is by giving THANKS! 

In November, people are very focused on giving thanks to family and friends, but it is very important to remember to thank the people involved with your business. It is common practice to thank partners and clients after conducting business, but an extra thank-you during this Thanksgiving season will do nothing but better the relationships (Remember you catch more flies with honey than vinegar)!

As a reminder, some of these extra thank-yous can go to :

  • Clients
  • Business Partners/Investors
  • Vendors/Freelancers ( Graphic Designers, PR Professionals, Copywriters, etc)

Now, How Should you Say Thank-you?

Get Creative! Here are just some ideas to get you started: 

  • Maybe old-school to some, but it’s still #1 in personal touch… a one-on-one phone call! People would love to hear your voice, even if you have to leave it on a voicemail, saying thank-you for what they have contributed to your business. 
  • Personalized emails to all parties. You can make a blanket template of the email, but make sure to add something personal, respective to each person/business, so they are still specialized.
  • Sending digital thank-you cards to contact information, including phone numbers and emails, created through FREE websites like 

Now have a Happy Holiday, and show some extra thanks this season!

How to Show Gratitude to your Clients; the power of thank you / Brand Experts