We established that choices are everywhere. This month we will continue to challenge you in the area of decision-making and share the remaining four of the nine traits that make your brand totally irresistible to the unconscious minds of people who interact with you. They are:

  • Social Proof – The endorsement of a product by others like us or persons we respect. Unbiased reviews, testimonials or influencer outreach are effective.
  • Scarcity – A trigger that plays into our fears of missing out or not having something our peers have. Limited quantity is a powerful marketing brand tactic.
  • Anticipation – Creating an experience that the target audience can look forward to. It elicits action as well as sets the stage for building brand loyalty.
  • Events and Ritual – Create recurring moments that connect with the emotions of your target audience.  Use teasers and seasonal opportunities to facilitate a brand event or activity on which people can depend.
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